Generic Training Plan, Rotation Plan and SAICA Application

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Since 1996 we have been developing CA Programmes and performing effective independent assessments.


SAICA’s high level requirements for an accredited Training Office are summarised below:

  • An environment that is clearly conducive to the training of professional accountants
  • A commitment to continuing professional development
  • A senior person responsible for coordination of training
  • Chartered accountants who are capable and willing to  act as mentors and Training Officers
  • An adequate spread and mix of work:
    • Range, depth and continuity of experience
    • Opportunities for personal and professional development
    • Continuing quality monitoring and supervision and adequate time for on-the-job training and counselling

As part to of the SAICA registration and accreditation process, it is vital that the organisation undertakes a rigorous assessment of all training opportunities within the organisation which would contribute to the Trainee’s development as a CA. This involves a multi-step process, for which we have developed a unique approach, innovative methodology and data capturing templates. This is referred to as the ON-TOPP generic training plan and it is depicted below.