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Since 1996 we have been developing CA Programmes and performing effective independent assessments.


In order to be accredited as a Training Office, an organisation needs to prove compliance with SAICA’s accreditation criteria. Once accredited, the Training Officer needs to ensure that the Training Office continues to comply with the criteria, thereby requiring the Training Officer to remain updated with regard to any changes in SAICA’s policies and procedures, the accreditation criteria, the CA (SA) competency framework and any other developments affecting the training programme.

ON-TOPP has developed a website service that provides Training Offices with online tools and resources to assist in ensuring continued accreditation with SAICA. The website serves as a central point for all stakeholders in the Training Office to access relevant information relating to the CA Training Programme. The Training Office is provided with its own profile, on which it can save all the documents, policies and procedures required by SAICA. This includes attendance registers for training courses, Trainee assessment policies and procedures, generic training and rotation plans, examples of employment contracts, company documents and declarations, simulations attended, and so on.

A critical part of this service offering is that ON-TOPP will advise the Training Officer of any changes that may affect the training programme and which documents or sections of the online profile need to be amended based on those changes. Updated documents can either be uploaded directly to the website by the Training Office administrator or emailed to ON-TOPP who will upload on their behalf.

The ultimate value of this product offering is that Training Officer’s do not need to invest significant time and energy in preparing for SAICA re-accreditation visits. By ensuring continuous compliance with SAICA’s accreditation criteria, a SAICA re-accreditation requires minimal effort and preparation time. Once a low risk status is obtained it is just a matter of keeping this documentation updated.