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Since 1996 we have been developing CA Programmes and performing effective independent assessments.

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SAICA requires a Training Office to formalise policies and procedures that detail how the CA Training Programme has been implemented within the Training Office. The following points are topics that may be addressed in formally documented policies and procedures, this list includes but is not limited to:

  • The responsibilities and structures of the various stakeholders.
  • The objectives of assessment
  • The assessment process and documents
  • The prescribed competencies and tasks
  • The grievance and appeals processes
  • The procedures implemented to oversee the Training Programme

ON-TOPP Value Add

  • Tailor-made policies and procedures that specifically detail how the Training Programme has been implemented at the Training Office.
  • Policies and procedures that meet SAICA’s accreditation criteria.
  • Updated information on SAICA’s training regulations, developments with regard to the CA Training Programme and best practice.
  • Identification of practices within the Training Office that do not comply with SAICA’s requirements.