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Since 1996 we have been developing CA Programmes and performing effective independent assessments.


In order to comply with SAQA, FASSET and IFAC requirements, SAICA must ensure the rigorous assessment of Trainees on a regular basis. SAICA has therefore designed an assessment process within the context of a Training Contract that “requires that every Trainee, by the end of their Training Contract, demonstrates their satisfactory competence in the performance of a wide range of tasks specified by SAICA as being the minimum requirement to enter into the Chartered Accountancy profession”. This assessment process is required to take place on a 6 monthly basis, whereby input from Reviewers and Trainees is considered together with previous assessments to determine how Trainees are progressing towards the required competence levels and whether intervention is required for developmental needs.

In the SAICA assessment process, SAICA has allocated the responsibility of assessing Trainees to SAICA Registered Assessors within the Training Office. Registered Assessors must be qualified CA’s who have been assessed as competent to perform Outcomes Based Assessment by SAICA. The assessors’ responsibilities include the following:

  • Completing the Assessment Needs Analysis together with the Trainee.
  • Signing off on the integrity of carry-forward ratings from the previous assessments.
  • Signing off on the overall ratings of Trainees’ competence based on the accumulated evidence presented to date.
  • Signing off on the adequacy of Trainees’ developmental needs plan.
  • Signing off on the credibility of the assessment process.

ON-TOPP Value Add

ON-TOPP is able to assist Training Offices on an on-going basis with the assessment of CA Trainees. The benefit of outsourcing this service is that it allows for the independent and objective assessment of Trainees. Due to the fact that time is a limited resource for the individuals that typically qualify to perform the assessor function within Training Offices, the outsourcing of assessments also allows for a more rigorous and thorough assessment process.

ON-TOPP has developed a unique assessment process to assist clients with completing regular, accurate and meaningful assessments. This is achieved through a range of services that include the following:

  1. Independent assessments conducted by ON-TOPP Assessors every four to six months.
  2. Internal moderation of the assessment process.
  3. Input from ON-TOPP’s Assessors who are all Registered Assessors with SAICA and collectively have specialist knowledge of all aspects of the CA Training Programme.
  4. Detailed reports within three weeks of the conclusion of each round of assessments.

Given that one of the responsibilities of the assessor is to sign off on the credibility of the assessment process, the internal moderation of the assessment process is critical. As part of the assessment process, ON-TOPP will therefore:

  • Identify issues and obstacles in the training programme that arise as part of the assessment process.
  • Report on the progress of Trainees and the sufficiency of mentorship and supervision provided to the Trainee.
  • Report on the fairness and effectiveness of Reviewers in the completion of the technical and professional skills reviews.