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Since 1996 we have been developing CA Programmes and performing effective independent assessments.


ON-TOPP has created the Interim Review Checks service to assist with compliance for all stakeholders in the Training Office. This is according to the SAICA’s requirements for the completion of Technical and Professional Skills Reviews.

SAICA Requirements

  • At a minimum, Trainees must initiate and complete at least one Technical Skills Review (TSR) and Professional Skills Review (PSR) during every two months.
  • The PSR entry must be initiated within two weeks of the demonstration of the professional skill.
  • Reviewers must review the TSR and PSR entries timeously (it is suggested that forms should be reviewed within three weeks from when they are completed by the Trainee).
  • Trainees must finalise and sign the TSR and PSR off timeously after the Reviewers have completed the review (it is suggested that forms are finalised and signed off by the Trainee within two weeks from the date of the review.

The value that can be added through this service is dependent on the co-operation of the Training Officer/Programme Manager to follow up with Trainees and/or Reviewers in dealing with nn-compliance.