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Since 1996 we have been developing CA Programmes and performing effective independent assessments.


To ensure the sustainability of the CA Training Programme, ON-TOPP recommends that Training Offices form a Steering Committee that comprises of various stakeholders that are affected by and benefit from the Training Programme. These stakeholders include the Training Officer, Programme Manager, Programme Sponsor, Reviewers, Mentors, Assessors, Human Resources and Learning & Development. The purpose of the Steering Committee is to support the Training Officer in ensuring that the quality of the Training Programme is maintained, that adequate resources and support are provided, and that it continues to add value to the business.

ON-TOPP Value Add

  • Updated information on SAICA’s training regulations, developments with regard to the CA Training Programme and best practice.
  • Detailed feedback from the assessment of Trainees.
  • Recommendations on how to fill gaps and training needs.
  • Input into proposed rotations based on remaining competencies that need to be achieved by Trainees.
  • Input on SAICA’s competency framework and the level of exposure required.
  • Commentary on the functioning of the assessment process and compliance with SAICA’s accreditation criteria.