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Since 1996 we have been developing CA Programmes and performing effective independent assessments.


TCMS (Training Contract Management System) is an on-line tool that SAICA has developed to enable Training Officers, Training Office administrators and Trainees to manage their own Training Contracts. All Training Contract administration must take place on TCMS and no hard copy documentation will be accepted by SAICA. Administrative issues that are recorded on TCMS include the following:

  • Registering Training Contracts which includes the submission of academic qualifications and the selection of electives.
  • Cancelling Training Contracts.
  • Extending Training Contracts.
  • Completing/Discharging Training Contracts.
  • Applying for extensions.
  • Generating and paying invoices.
  • Uploading of certain information.

Training Officers need to ensure that all information on TCMS is accurate and up to date. This can be an onerous task as Training Officers need to validate the information that is being submitted by the Trainees and administrators and ensure that the information is being submitted within SAICA’s timeframes to avoid incurring penalties.

ON-TOPP Value Add

  • Advice on all administrative requirements with regard to Training Contracts, which includes administrative compliance with the SAICA training regulations and TCMS timeframes.
  • Advice to Training Officers, administrators and Trainees on the practical use of TCMS.
  • E-mail communication to Training Officers, administrators and Trainees indicating when information needs to be updated on TCMS.
  • E-mail communication to Training Officers indicating when information has not been updated as advised by ON-TOPP.